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tv   Journal  KCSMMHZ  March 29, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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welcome to "newsline." north korean military and militia organizations tried to show the strength of their numbers with a rally in pyongyang. they filled a square in the capitol and filled the air with cries of defiance against the united states. they condemned the u.s. for using radar evading stealth bombers in joint military drills with south korea. an official read out a statement that the supreme commander of the korean people's army released tuesday. he announced that artillery units are at their highest level of combat readiness.
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northern authorities warn they have data in all enemy targets no a high precision system. and they have means of carrying out attacks that the world has yet to encounter or even imagine. the rally ended with a protest march. participants held banners and placards calling for a blow against the u.s. the state run koreanen central news agency said earlier that leader kim jong un had ordered units for rockets to be on stand by. it's said he wants then to be ready to strike u.s. bases in south korea and the pacific and targets on the u.s. mainland at any time. rngt the leaders of japan and china are at odds over property in the area around them. they're prepared to encounter
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talks in may. but a one on one win abe would be hard to arrange. >> translator: we are not avoiding high-level talks. but it would not be desirable for top leaders to meet up in this agreement. >> ambassador chin noted the lack of progress. che engineers at gentleman panel's fukushima daiichi plant are pinning their hopes on a new trool to help with a growing problem. water they've used to cool
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damaged areas is heating up. they're trying to get that water clone. the engineers say the new device is better than older models, because it can remove dozens more radioactive substances. there are three of these devices. they're only testing one. they say they're taking a cautious approach. they plan to use the device for four months. they haven't said when they'll test the other two or when they'll put them in full-scale operation. they wanted to start this in september, but they postponed it. they were given the go ahead last week. radioactive water is accumulating at a rate of 400 tons a day. managers say the new device is vital for securing safety and protecting the environment from pollution. the nuclear scent forced many
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people to leave their homes. some of those people died while they were living in temporary shelters. government officials say fatigue and stress damaged their health. the officials say 35 displaced residents have died. they say all of them had to leave homes in the no entry zones around the nuclear plant. and they say most were aged in their 60s to 80s. some evacuees had to move to new housing 16 timesment they plan to send psycho therapists to give vak woe give vak wvacuees mental suppor.
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engineers are getting ready to upgrade one of japan's most famous railways. the operator of the tockaido bullet train are making major repairs. it connects tokyo and osaka. they make at least 150 return journeys every day. central japan railway engineers will restore sections totaling 240 kilometers. that's nearly half the route. workers will add steel plate to elevate the tracks and tunnels. they will reenforce or replace
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bridge frames. company officials say the renovations will add decades to the life-span of the infrastructure. they say the repair work won't affect services. the people who run the tokyo stock exchange want to capitalize on the recent rise in stock prices in japan and attract more foreign investment. they're going to develop a speedier trading system. it will reduce the time it takes to process orders to one ten thousandth of a second. they're planning to implement the new system by the middle of 2015. it's trying to keep up with major stock exchanges throughout the world.
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chinese business regulators have put the brakes on a japanese voints venture again. managers at sony and their partners at the optical firm olympus want to make medical equipment together. they've had to put off their plans for a second time. the managers want to set up a firm in china to develop endoscopes. they were hoping to establish their plan by the end of last year. they pushed it back to april because chinese regulators were taking longer than expected to check their plans. they now say they've pushed back their plans again and don't have a new target date for establishing their firmament they said they'll go ahead as soon as they get approval. chinese regulators also held up a merger between the ship building units 2009 jfe and machinery manufacturer iai. they delayed that measure for three months. now here's the three day weather forecast.
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a japanese man is gearing up to try and climb into the record books. he's aiming to become the oldest person to scale the world's
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highest mountain. he is 80 years old. he arrived inhe capital to climb mount everest. >> translator: i want to do my very best. i want to stand at the top of everest at the age of 8 0. >> he had surgery in january for an irregular heartbeat. he says he's now in great shape. he climbed everest when he was 70, and again when he was 75. he says he'll give himself more time for his third attempt and take more breaks. he plans to train on smaller mountains and head he to everest in mid may. that concludes this edition of "newsline." thank you for joining us.
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